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How we came up with Awesomic

Long story short. Once young developer and a digital marketer met on Tinder — and since then the founders’ path started. Algorithms matched us — now we created algorithm to match people for the job.

We are Roman and Stacy, and first, we created a profitable online coding school (for CIS region) that got tons of compliments regarding its design. We worked with a cool guy, paying him ¼ of the salary to cover the school’s tasks once in a while.

On Jan, 2019 Roman, our CEO, paused the online school having the intention to start a global company. That’s how he got a shot:

“there should be more companies like mine that are looking for a design, but don't want to deal with random freelancers or they haven't enough tasks to hire full-time”. And then it started...

Our Core Awesomic Team

Please, meet people who are brave enough to share this startup journey.
People who choose to create awesomeness over anything else.
Roman Evans
Founder, CEO
Stacy Pavlyshyn
Co-Founder, COO
Oleh Idolov
Design Team Lead

Worldwide Team
on Remote

Awesomic is based in Stamford, Connecticut — if you want to send us postcards :) Still, the team is remote. We cover different timezones, mindsets, and visual styles.

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