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Terms & Policies

Referral Policy

Updated 12/02/2021


This Referral Policy applies to:

  • Users with active monthly subscription;
  • Users who suspended their subscription;
  • Users who purchased a trial week;
  • Registered users without any subscription past, current, or trial.


Who Can be Referred?

A registered user of Awesomic services is allowed to refer anyone, except:

  • Current Awesomic users;
  • Awesomic users who have already been referred.

How to Refer a User?

  1. Copy your personal referral link and send it to a referee. The personal referral link is found in Referrals section of your personal account page.
  2. Ask the referee to follow the link and create a new account at

Referral Bonus Payment

The referring subscription benefit is $500 for both referrers and referees. After the referral has been subscribed to Awesomic services on any monthly plan for ten days, the referral and the referring party will receive the balance due.



  • The user can’t use the referral link to create another account for themselves, activate more subscriptions for their company that is already a customer of Awesomic, or invite themselves.
  • Users who suspended their subscription can use their referral bonuses after reactivation of their monthly subscription.
  • Referral bonuses aresingle-use and counted to both accounts of the referee and the referrer in 10 days after the monthly subscription charge of the referee succeeds.
  • Referral bonuses are used automatically during the next monthly charge after the 1st month of subscription activation and decrease the sum of the payment.
  • Referral bonuses can’t be refunded to the personal card. They only can be put to the Awesomic account balance as credit.
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